This video goes perfectly with the Terrence McKenna quote 'Reclaim your mind' I posted earlier.The TV first tries to engage the animals with its images, when it cant find a human. The animals, nature itself, rejects its idea of pleasure. And so, it destroys it and creates humans instead, who are happy to just sit there and literally unravel.

Blockheads recent stuff from the 'Music Scene' (2009) is good, Tony Simon is said to be the East Coasts answer to DJ Shadow (Josh Davis) however in my opinion Simon has grown musically refining previous sounds rather then rejecting them which is the case with DJ Shadow (in particular 'The Outsider').I recently watched Dark Days by Marc Singer made in 2000 in which DJ Shadow did the soundtrack and its awsome. Here is a link to the theme song- Dj Shadow Dark Days
It made me reminice of how good Shadow used to be!!! I wish he was still making music like Entroducing = >>>>

RJD2 is also another favourite instrumental hip-hop producer. Again his older stuff from his album Since we last spoke (2004) is my favourite.
I am going to start writing more now on my blog, haven't had the time as of late, just start designing for a label as well as managing Backwoods Gallery and working on a 3D exhibition for next March. If you have not already checked out Backwoods you should do so, we have some talented artists coming up including Petro (UK), Kami and Sasu (Japan) and Lush (Melbourne).