At Backwoods Gallery this week...

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We'd like to invite you to the opening of SALE ON STREET ART by LUSH on FRIDAY the 17th of
December at Backwoods Gallery from 6pm. 25 Easey Street Collingwood.

Lush has risen to international fame over the last few years by offending people with his work.
It's like a train wreck, you are horrified but can't look away. This show is definitely no exception.

This is lush's turn to cash in on the street-art money making roller coaster. Come see how his new work that will easily sit along side a Banksy and Andy Warhole in the museums of the future.

I would not recommend anyone come see this exhibition if they are not prepared to be offended.


I do really have to stress this-
This is not a family event.
Do not bring the kids.
It is not the stencil festival.
There will not be workshops.
You will not pick-up a xmas bargin.

If you need to judge for yourself if this show is appropriate for you you can see some of LUSH's previous work here (note: NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

LUSH AT BACKWOODS GALLERY from Zonk Vision on Vimeo.