Thanks to everyone that came down to the launch of Marks, Simones and my exhibition. It was a great night! Many thanks to all involved, the list of people is so big, you know who you are!
Photos by Johnny Le

If you haven't already and want to check out the show it's open until April the 2nd at The Atrium at Fed Square. Also coming soon will be the 3d video.
This was part of a review from an art blog thought it was funny....
"I was seduced by the opening of Rising 5 – by the promise of an exclusive event and 3D fashion photography. I wasn’t sure what to look at: the clothes, the models, the 3D photographic effect or the other guests. It was like some strange kind of goth nightclub, with a DJ, hundreds of people, boys in black dresses, strangely dressed women and security at the front except that nobody was dancing."