Some snaps from the last few days.. Today we went sailing, was great.. Saw so many amazing music shows like Eprom, Free the Robots,Matthew David,Low Limit Dam Funk, Jon Wayne, Saturn Never Sleeps,Jon Wayne & Teebs at Strangeloops opening and our friend William took us to Build and Ark and Pan-African peoples Ochestra. Have not got around to getting more film developed so am using my shitty digital. Below is a video of Jon Wayne playing at Strangeloops exhibition, he rocks. His mixtape How stella got her Groove Back has saved me and Mak on our drives around LA.

Some shots from Makita's new black and white film camera. Above Olan and below Venice beach..

A preview video that was realeased of STRANGELOOP/FIELDS

Radiohead - Bloom (Harmonic 313 RMX) by Radiohead
When Mark told me about his remix for Radiohead, I didn't know what to expect...Here is his Harmonic 313 one, how nice it this! Love how deep and ambient it is, the vox melt into the synths.