LITE SHOW BY STAB'S & Toshiikazu video

Local stencil artist Stabs steps off the streets for his debut solo show 'Lite works' at Backwoods galley in October.

With a decade of stencil based street activity in Melbourne and abroad Stabs is one of Melbourne's most infamous street artists. Working out of the Everfresh studio, Stabs has constantly developed his often kooky and stylistic characters along with evolving a paint and print practice that reflects multiple textures, diverse applications and embraces an ephemeral quality where by time and nature add to a desired street aesthetic.

Stab's show opens next friday at Backwoods Gallery. For more information check out our website.

Check out this video made my Louis Mitchell and Alexander Mitchell of Toshiikazu during his time in Melbourne. It was film during Toshhii's stay when he and Usugrow exhibited at Backwoods Gallery in July.